Deccache Advogados

We are entirely focused on strategic litigation and arbitration, and we seek, above all, effective results for our clients, including, whenever possible, through negotiated solutions. We routinely deal with sensitive legal matters, among which we note the following:

We represent our clients in Mediation and Arbitration proceedings in several areas, such as infrastructure, energy, civil construction, agribusiness, banking, contracts, commercial and corporate law, with experience in the most recognized arbitration institutions in Brazil and abroad

We represent creditors and debtors in reorganization and bankruptcy proceedings.

We represent our clients in disputes in all phases of the agribusiness production chain.

We represent our clients in discussions aimed at the removal of regulatory sanctions, Government Contracts, Contracts in the Free and Regulated Electric Power Environments, compliance with the rules established by regulatory agencies, among other discussions.

We represent our clients in discussions conducted or with repercussion in the Superior Courts and State Courts, including in direct actions for the declaration of constitutionality, allegations of noncompliance with fundamental principles, acting as amicus curiae, among others.

We represent our clients in lawsuits for the recovery of credits, especially in favor of financial institutions and investment funds.

We represent our clients in discussions relating to corporate transactions, business agreements, disputes among shareholders, and others.

We represent our clients in discussions involving contractual and civil disputes in general.

We represent our clients in administrative proceedings and lawsuits seeking the recovery or annulment of federal, state or municipal tax credits, in the most varied Courts in Brazil, including in the Administrative Council of Tax Appeals, Court of Taxes and Fees of the State of São Paulo and Superior Courts.