Deccache Advogados


Founded in 1983 by Mr. Waldemar Deccache, the firm has a consolidated reputation in strategic litigation and arbitration. With 25 lawyers, divided in 2 and offices in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, in addition to  a broad network of correspondents in the main Brazilian States, our objective is to represent the interests of our clients with proximity, pragmatism and with an innovative work methodology, characteristics which are prevalent in our firm.

With a successful track-record, our professionals have the experience, technical capacity, accuracy and agility to handle the cases and achieve the desired results.

Technique and talent are nothing without results.

Why our law firm?

Focus on litigation

We are 100% devoted to strategic litigation and arbitration. We are combative and always ready to fight for your needs.

No conflicts of interest

Our independence is a valuable asset to us. For that reason, we are At Deccache Advogados, your case is handled as if it were unique. We focus on understanding the core issues in order to describe, in a simple and transparent way, the paths forward. The strategy is shaped according to your needs and expectations, always based on the technical expertise, efficiency and trustworthiness of the services provided.


The provision of quality services must be accompanied by an attractive form of pricing structure. Here in the law firm, we are concerned with offering and always being open to negotiate flexible pricing structures, which can meet your interests and which take into account the peculiarities of each case.

Devotion to the client

We are strict about screening potential new cases. “Quality over quantity” is one of our mottos. Our founding partner, Waldemar Deccache, is personally involved in all cases, from strategy design and development through to the final result.

The combination of tradition with modernity, of experience with constant learning, define our Law Firm.